PASO…Software for Professional and Service Organisations

The needs of professional service organisations have changed over time.

While time and expenses capture and billing are still essential components in any practice software, a key emphasis nowadays is team collaboration and sharing of client information, to deliver value and provide outstanding service to clients.

PASO has been built to meet the demands of a modern practice, and fits all types and sizes of professional organisations.

At its core, PASO has a comprehensive set of business rules, which may be tailored by an organisation to meet their required processes.

PASO is fully cloud compliant, and is offered in a public or private cloud environment.

This robust approach ensures a consistent and professional methodology through time and expenses capture, valuing, billing, reporting, views and queries. It also helps an organisation fulfil its objective for quality CRM information for contact and marketing analysis.

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eHand –
mobile field sales efficiency and control

enHand is the ultimate sales tool for field sales applications. Since 2003, enHand has helped sales organizations cut costs, eliminate errors, stop shrinkage, improve productivity and streamline stock control. It is robust and proven, sucessful tool.

enHand improves productivity by creating and printing in the field accurate invoices, delivery dockets, sales orders and purchase orders. Sales orders may be based on pre-defined user stock templates. Return dockets may be printed when goods are returned by a customer to the sales agent. Cash receipts may be printed when cash is received for goods sold.

For Van sales, enHand maintains its own on board inventory. This is updated by using a bar code scanner to receipt inwards goods. Alternatively goods may be manually adjusted through the Stock Adjustment facility. Stock reports include a Restocking report and a Stock on Hand report.

enHand may be interfaced with various third party Accounting systems.

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Latest news

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

PASO Release 3.3 is available from 1st May 2012.

This release includes enhancements for Overtime, Time in Lieu and Time Approvals,
and other enhancements requested by users.

Please login to the PASO support pages to download a copy of the Release Notes.


Comprehensive and flexible business software for professional service organisations